OKBET RACING | Culpeper Equestrian in Delaware State’s Athletic Hall of Fame

The Delaware State University Athletic Hall of Fame has just welcomed an equestrian who grew up in Culpeper and put her lifelong passion for horses into a lucrative and successful professional career.

Kamerra Brown, who graduated from Culpeper County High School in 2006 and was a member of the Class of 2006, was a dual athlete who competed at HITS Commonwealth Park along Zachary Taylor Highway and raced track.

Her candidacy for the Athletic Hall of Fame states that she was the first African-American rider at Delaware State, where she competed equestrian and was a member of the school’s first equestrian team.

Her present position at William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri, where she now lives, is that of an associate professor of equine studies. Her college family has been celebrating Brown’s significant entry since the year 2020.

According to a statement made by William Woods representative John Fougere in a press release, “Horses were Kamerra Brown’s love when she was a little child living in Culpeper, Virginia.”

She began taking riding lessons when she was 5 years old, but her single mother was unable to pay the lessons because of the high cost. Therefore, she became interested in more conventional activities for people her age, such as soccer, basketball, and track and field.

Brown explained to the institution that the student’s enthusiasm and affection for horses could not be concealed.

“I wanted more lessons, but just in my heart,” she said.

In the meanwhile, Brown was quite successful on the track. She said in an interview with the Star-Exponent that she still retains the record for the 55-meter dash, which dates back to 2006.

The athlete who had previously been named to the All-State track team added, “Which still has not been broken and my photo is still on the wall.”

Brown said that since she was an equestrian in high school, she was the target of bullying and unfair judgment, which encouraged her to place a greater emphasis on both track and equestrian competition.

Delaware State

“I still remember Ms. Brown, the assistant principal, pulling me aside and saying, ‘You will be someone, remain focused,’” recalled Kamerra Brown. “I still remember that conversation like it was yesterday.” She continued by saying, “I had excellent track coaches, wonderful riding instructors, a beautiful strength and conditioning coach named Greg Martz, wonderful professors, and an incredible best friend named Tatiana Vargas.” I had a lot of good fortune!”

Brown was named the team’s Most Valuable Player after each of her freshman, sophomore, and junior seasons and won a number of Most Outstanding Performer awards during her time as a student at Delaware State. In addition, she was a four-year letter winner at Delaware State and served as the team captain. In 2008 and 2009, she was an integral part of the jumping team that won the National Championship for the Varsity Equestrian Competition.

Brown, who specializes in Hunter/Jumper education in her present teaching role, expressed her gratitude for being given the opportunity to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. “It is truly an honor to be recognized into the Hall of Fame,” said Brown. “Both in the past and in the present, Delaware State has been the alma mater of choice for a significant number of really talented riders. Sincerity compels me to admit that I’m at a loss for words when I try to describe how it feels to be chosen from among the very finest.

According to John Fougere, a spokeswoman for William Woods, Brown’s subsequent career as a competitor and mentor in the profession has been nothing short of outstanding.

While working for her master’s degree, she served as an assistant coach at South Dakota State University, where she was a part of the team that made it to the national championships for the first time in 2013. She was also a part of the squad that helped lead the team to that appearance.

Brown worked as an assistant equestrian coach at Delaware State University from 2014 to 2016, during which time he was instrumental in the school’s equestrian team’s pursuit of many national titles. In addition, she has worked in the sector as an Assistant Director of Riding at Bridgewater College in Virginia, and in the year 2021, she was recognized as one of the notable Alumni by the National Collegiate Equestrian Association.

At the university in Missouri, Brown instructs all of the applied Hunter/Jumper ride classes, as well as Introduction to Equine Entrepreneurship, Hunter/Jumper Issues, Teaching Techniques, and various online courses, such as Equestrian Educational Events and Competition Management and Applied Instructional Theories.

According to Fougere, the nationally acclaimed EQS program at The Woods, as well as the students that travel there to study and develop, will benefit from Brown’s skills and experience.

Jennie Petterson, the Dean of Equestrian Studies at William Woods, had this to say about Kamerra: “Kamerra is a great rider and teacher who has been an asset from the first day she set foot on campus.”

“Her commitment to the sport, as well as respect and regard for the horses, is an example that all of her pupils should strive to emulate.” We are thrilled that Delaware State University will recognize her for the profound difference she has made in the world by inducting her into their Hall of Fame.

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