OKBET RACING |Fans React to Swindon Speedway News 2022

Swindon Speedway supporters have expressed their “heartbreak” over the fact that they will no longer be able to witness their favorite team compete in the town.

Abbey Stadium has been the home of the Robins for the past seven decades; however, it was reported just last week that they would no longer be able to play there.

Fans are worried that the sport may never be played in the community again despite the fact that the club is seeking for a possible new location.

Marie Matthews, a fan, expressed her grief by stating, “I’m devastated because I adore it at Swindon.”

“It’s quite upsetting. I’m gutted. This has been a major focus for us.

“I came to a meeting for the first time over 20 years ago with my granddad, and it’s something that you look forward to every Thursday,” she added. “It’s something that you look forward to.”


The football club does not own the land that makes up the Abbey Stadium, and it has communicated to its supporters that there is too much uncertainty in the current financial situation for it to break even.

There is also a lack of clarity on the future of the greyhound racing that takes place at the location, which is the primary source of revenue.

Former squad manager Alun Rossiter described the dissolution of the club as “frustrating.”

According to him, “the club hasn’t gone out of business because people have stopped attending, it’s strongly supported.”

Mike Broadbank, one of the oldest riders who is still alive, has stated that he is unable to visit the location again.

He stated, “I couldn’t go and have a look at it now because it would crush my heart. In fact, I couldn’t even name my son Robin after the club.

“I remember all of the good moments we had together, and it’s such a shame that they were wasted.”

Swindon Motorsports Limited is the new firm that the Robins have established in the hopes that it will pave the way for the revival of racing.

“Recent negotiations have revealed an eagerness from a number of possible investors to develop a new motorsport stadium within the confines of greater Swindon.

“The location is going to be a brand new construction, and it’s going to be in an area that’s going to be conducive to the ongoing operation of a stadium that’s designed especially for motorsports.

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